I guess he saw what Dynamite is doing and decided to end it all.

The Phantom: The Ghost Who Walks #12


Moonstone (2010)

ARTIST: Silvestry Szilagyi
COLORIST: Jason Jensen
LETTERER: Josh Aitken
COVER “A” (shown): Art Thibert
COVER “B”: Fernando Peniche
COVER “C”: Roberto Castro

Under Him’s control, the Walker kids shoot at their father, but Kit manages to escape with the help of the polar bear (seriously, he’s still got that and no he doesn’t attack the kids you jerk!) and attacks Him directly. Him escapes with the kids and finally has a final battle with the Phantom, one he actually might have one had not the bear shown up and tore him (or “Him”) to shreds. Kit takes the kids home.

What they got right: Any time someone uses a polar bear to attack his enemies, it almost HAS to be done right. Bullock wraps up all of his plot threads (even ones that weren’t loose, mind you) and the art is as good as the series has always been.

What they got wrong: More like what the next guys are doing wrong, although why three covers and only one of them has anything to do with the comic? (Had I known that I would have searched for said cover.) In an interview with Bullock at the end of the comic, he expresses the fact that ultra-violence and “overt sexuality” weren’t necessary, nor was reimagining the character, something that’s being done by both Dynamite Entertainment and that SyFy show. While I had a few minor nitpicks, overall I really liked what Moonstone did with the series, and I’m going to miss it.

Recommendation: If you haven’t picked up the Moonstone run, go back and do so. It will be more like the classic character than Alex Ross’s vision.

It looks like Hero and Devil are getting a new teammate.

Tomorrow’s Comic> Sonic the Hedgehog #216

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