The Marvels first visit to Fawcett City Comic-Con.

Billy Batson & The Magic of Shazam! #20

DC Comics (November 2010)

WRITERS: Art Baltazar & Franco
ARTIST: Mike Norton
COLORIST: Zac Atkinson
LETTERER: Travis Lanham
EDITOR: Scott Peterson

Black Adam escapes to join the rest of the villains. Mary transforms, but gains an adult body like Billy. Together, the three Marvels and Tawny fly to Fawcett City to engage in a super battle with all of the villains. However, this only gives Adam time to open the scarab and restore all his old power.

What they got right: A fight this big needed a good art team and luckily they have it with Norton and Atkinson.

What they got wrong: If I were to register any complaint it would be the same one I had with the ending of Buck Rogers (beyond “why are they doing this?”) and that would be trying to fit in all their last-minute story ideas in. Mary’s new transformation gets a quick handwave because they wanted Mary to have an adult form like Billy/Captain Marvel. (Why this wasn’t done from the beginning I can’t say. You’d have to ask Kunkle and maybe Jeff Smith.) While the Black Adam/Shazam storyline is one that needed completion, bringing back all the other villains really wasn’t. Also, the part about Cap having a crisis of confidence seemed to come out of nowhere and went right back.

Recommendation: But it’s all worth it for a fight this darn cool. Maybe a last minute sales push will convince DC they’re wrong, so go out and buy.

On the odd chance you can't figure it out, that's Captain Marvel flying THROUGH Mr. Atom to punch Black Adam across the city. Now you know what awesome looks like.

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