Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy

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There’s a good reason why I’m starting with this video:

Because for some reason I always found it amusing when the kid tosses Leo around. I actually like Leo, but I wonder if the kid was a fan of the show before being told “OK, in this scene you toss the new Red Ranger into a tree”. Also, when I first saw it, I didn’t know he was Psycho Red until said tossing. With that said, I turn it back to the soothing tones of Linkara as we continue our trip to the Lost Galaxy.

First some things I forgot last time that Lewis also didn’t bring up. The Magna Defender’s morpher isn’t from the original Sentai, but was instead the “Aura Changer” toy from Dairanger. In Gingaman, BullBlack simply used his sword to transform (insert another He-Man reference). But isn’t it more fun to have a morpher, kids? To quote EZ Rider of the review show Toku Time “toy sales will go through the roof”.

The other is that the Furio costume was actually from LAST seasons’ source material, Megaranger. Interesting to see it here, and yet we were stuck with Elgar last show.

  • Lewis’s explosion theory is actually confirmed during Power Rangers RPM, when Ziggy is asking all sorts of questions about the tropes of the series.

Missing is the part where they ask why the Zords have eyes. 🙂

  • Something else I heard was that Patrica Ja Lee had a few unkind things to say about her co-stars in an interview for the magazine Giant Robo. I’m not sure which came first, but I’m sure that wouldn’t be a healthy work environment.
  • As for Kendrix dieing, that was a shock and I like that Lewis filmed his reaction (since he’s never on camera for this series). I didn’t know the reason why until some years later, and it’s sad that she didn’t get to stay on. Also sad is that what appeared to be an attraction between Kendrix and Leo was never used past the first few episodes. Maybe they didn’t want another Red/Pink romance in the franchise? I don’t know. It’s a missed opportunity, and I can imagine Leo would have had a harder reaction than Maya, especially after getting his brother back.
  • I should also note that the team-up used ZERO footage from the Sentai team-up movie between Megaranger and Gingaman. Outside of the Megazord sequences, it was all original US footage, including the Astro Megazord teaming with the Galactazord.
  • Captain Mutiny and his “Swabbies” are the actual main villains from Gingaman, the Baruban, and frankly I think the show was better off for not using them. Mutiny looks ridiculous. By the way, remember how I wondered how Scorpius’s forces could get on board so easily. Well, how does a dinosaur with a castle on its back not only get into Terra Venture but hide in a lake on board. I know they have bio-domes and all, but is there really THAT much room that a dinosaur can hide in it? (For that matter, where do the Galactabeasts go?)
  • At the point where the colony crashes on the moon, I’m reminded that while the CG was decent by Power Rangers standards (and still better than the first movie of all things), credit needs to be given for whomever designed and built the MODEL for Terra Venture. It’s very well done, as is the moon crash set.
  • OK, the scene with the little girl just pushed Villamax above Deviot as best villain of the show, or at least the most interesting. The Deviotized Trakeena (whose name I may have spelled wrong yesterday) may be best overall villain of the show.
  • One thing to note about the suicide bomber Stingwingers is that this was well before 9/11, which kind of changes the way you see a suicide bomber in a kids show. I wonder what will happen to this sequence if Nickelodeon or Power Rangers.com shows this finale.
  • Trakeena’s final form (until the Lightspeed Rescue team-up) is creepier than any talking skeleton.
  • I’m glad that Kendrix (or to be more precise, Valerie Vernon, her portrayer) was able to see the finale. Still, maybe a final “congratulations” from her spirit would have been more fitting. I wonder if this the same edict from Fox Kids that caused Morph in the X-Men cartoon to suddenly be not dead. But that’s based on a Marvel comic, where death is reversed if the new writer likes you enough.

So what did I think about the show? My thoughts pretty much mirror Lewis’s. The villains were multi-dimensional and while I defend the “evil for evil sake” villains (since it can be done right (see Skeletor)), Scorpius, Trakeena, and their forces were a lot more interesting to watch develop. Watching Leo and Kai grow as characters was good, Kendrix was great the way she was (and one of my Ranger crushes), getting to see how Karone was handling her life post-Astronema was a nice addition, and all of the other characters worked well.

Additionally, getting to see Alpha and DECA one last time was a nice bridge between the two generations of Power Rangers, and even the underused Bulk helped bridge the gap a bit. (I do wish he and the Prof had been better utilized, but I guess comic relief wasn’t in the stars for this series. Actually, I don’t think we had comic relief again until Ninja Storm, and that actually comes from the villains.

So if you’re like Lewis and didn’t give this show a chance in the beginning, try to find it now and give it a second chance. Ignore the episode where Kendrix has a movie star doppleganger (seriously, this was an episode), and it’s a great series.

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