Told you I was reviewing this.

The Smurfs & The Magic Flute

Papercutz (2010)

WRITER/ARTIST: Pierre “Peyo” Culliford
LETTERER: Janice Chiang
ASSISTANT EDITOR: Michael Petranek

Everyone knows that Peyo is the creator of the Smurfs. What you may not know is that they were intended as one shot characters in another comic. If you remember the characters Johan and Peewee from the Hanna-Barbera series, you probably think they were created as human friends for the Smurfs who were also used in the theatrical film The Smurfs & The Magic Flute. You would be wrong, and this comic is the first appearance of the Smurfs, which the movie was an adaptation of.

Johan et Pirlouit (which translates into Johan and Peewit, and Peewit pronounced Pee-Wee according to Wikipedia) was the comic that Peyo was working on when he created a storyline about blue creatures called Smurfs with an odd way of speaking. You don’t even see a Smurf (outside of the occasional hand) until half-way through the story, which involved Peewit finding a magic flute that makes anyone who hears it (except the player) dance. The flute is stolen by a bad guy who uses it to go on a robbery spree, and…well, if you’ve seen the movie you already know this story.

Even as a kid I found the movie to be rather boring, thanks to pacing and the voice acting/dialog. I could handle that this wasn’t Hanna-Barbera’s people, but the result fell flat for me. The comic is much better, and the Johan and Peewee segments of the Smurfs’ show were actually my favorite part. I would like to see more of this series brought over.

This comic is actually the second of the Smurf graphic novel translations done by Papercutz and while I didn’t feel like getting the others, between this and the $1 special I reviewed some time ago, I think they’re doing a good job. I do miss HB’s particular Smurfs (Brainy is prominent in the $1 preview but that’s it), but they could be in the other GN’s, both of which appear to have been translated into episodes, so they’re worth checking out for big Smurf fans.

(By the way, aren’t you glad I didn’t try to translate this review into Smurf speak? 😉 )

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  2. […] they also fought bad guys, especially after Johan and Peewee were added to the Smurfs cartoon. (Yes, I know why.) So Hanna-Barbera’s Foofur, which like the other two aired on NBC for two seasons, was not […]


  3. […] cartoonist Peyo created the Smurfs as a one-time character in a story for the Johan And Peewit comic but he did such a good job creating them that they became popular enough to get their own […]


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