Fan films rarely reach the level of their big-budget counterparts, but that doesn’t mean they can’t entertain. Take tonight’s entry. I’ve been wanting to see Star Wars: Revelations since I’ve heard about it, but it was some time before I had a modem that could download it. Then I needed the time, which I actually had today. The fact that it’s a Saturday Night Showcase means I enjoyed it.You can find the movie in various locations around the net, but this embed was the only one that had the entire movie in one piece rather than seven episodes.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This being a fan film, Panic Struck Productions can’t produce quality sets or build realistic models, so their use of CG (unlike Lucas, who pioneered both) makes sense, and for the budget, $15-20,000 according to Wikipedia, the results are rather good, as are the costumes although you can tell the Hammerhead or whatever the kids today call that species today isn’t real more so than the other non-humans in the Senate scene.

Revelations was produced before the final film in the prequel trilogy, Revenge of the Sith, was released, so the writers and director had no idea what was coming. This leads to a few things Wookiepedia notes that aren’t in line with official canon, but beyond that the story is interesting and entertaining. Where it not for the official contradictions you could believe this was the Star Wars Universe. The “seers” are unique to this movie to my best knowledge, and

The acting isn’t all that fantastic, but much like the Mega Man fan film I posted previously in the Showcase it’s not horrible. They convey their characters well enough and the story introduces enough of their back-story (at one point through one of Taryn’s visions) and my only request would have been a little more emotion. The four heroes interact well enough, and the “Emperor’s Hand” didn’t chew the scene up (there are fans who prefer Mara Jade, the “Emperor’s Hand of the “Expanded Universe” of licensed novels and comics, but I didn’t mind this version at all), but I do have to give special praise to Jack Foley, who provided Darth Vader’s voice in place of James Earl Jones. He’s a great Vader.

If you go to Panic Struck Productions’ website, you can find a downloadable version of the film in numerous formats, including being able to burn your own DVD of the film. Despite the inaccuracies, I think it’s a decent addition to a Star Wars fan’s library.


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