The SilverHawks in the show's title sequence.

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Some TV intros really don’t need explaining. Take for example Silverhawks. I know people who liked this show better than Thundercats. Yeah, Rankin/Bass was on a role here, which continued with Tigersharks, a show that was part of the anthology The Comic Strip. That was OK, but Thundercats and Silverhawks were awesome.

As a bonus I’m not just bringing you the regular intro. Someone posted the extended intro from the hour-long pilot. The regular intro starts when an offscreen voice calls for Tally-Hawk. But the whole thing is nothing short than kid-targeted 80’s awesome.

The pilot’s extended intro tells you everything you need to know (though in the replacement version I used in October, 10/4/2021 it calls Steelheart and Steelwill “Ironheart” and “Ironwill”, which I don’t remember from the extended TV intro), but it’s a pilot. The regular intro simply shows off how cool the character are without browbeating you to death. The theme is action-packed and doesn’t so much tell you they’re awesome as simply state who and what they are and make it sound awesome! That’s the way to go.

Plus if you’re an 80’s kid and you don’t get all pumped up by this intro, there’s something wrong with you. Seriously wrong.

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