William Shatner is not amused.

William Shatner presents Quest For Tomorrow #1

Bluewater Productions (September 2010)

WRITER: Peter Rogers
LETTERER: Jaymes Reed
GRAPHICS: Darren G. Davis
LOGO DESIGN: Patrick Foster

After publicly stopping a hostage situation, a man prepares to run with his wife and son, who doesn’t want to leave his friends. Young Jim has no choice, however, when bad guys show up. His parents are killed but not before telling Jim that they’re not his real parents, thus leading to his new adventure.

What they got right: I kind of like how despite the cartoonish art style they still tell a serious adventure story. The characters are well-developed, and the mystery comes off in a way that grabs your interest.

What they got wrong: Not only because of the art style but the age of the hero, this could have been a decent all-ages title, even with the killing. (Perhaps later ages, but still not bad for young people.) However, between the language (and some of the ads) and the blood, while not as graphic as the other Shatner series I’ve reviewed, The Tekwar Chronicles, I wouldn’t recommend it for young kids. Maybe upper teens at best.

Recommendation: I’ve been waiting for this since the Free Comic Book Day sampler two years ago, and the first issue doesn’t disappoint. We’ll have to see if this series ends up good, or letting me down the way The Tekwar Chronicles has.

Despite the recommendation, there wasn’t a particular moment that stood out as Best Scene.

Tomorrow’s Comic> Transformers Timelines #5, a public release of this year’s Botcon comic.

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