Fing Fang Foom and Lockheed perform as Godzilla and Minya on Broadway.

Avengers Vs. Pet Avengers #2

Marvel Comics (January 2011)

WRITER: Chris Eliopoulos
ARTIST: Ig Guara
COLORISTS: Christ Sotomayor & J. Roberts
EDITORS: Nathan Cosby & Michael Horwitz

Fing Fang Foom attempts to convince Lockheed to join their side, since they’re all dragons. The hero refuses and the dragons fly off with the other Pet Avengers in their tummys. However, Lockjaw gets them all out with his teleporting power only to find Lockheed gone. With the frogified Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man they track down the dragons in battle with the human Avengers and join the fight. However, Foom sets his plan into motion…with Lockheed appearing to be on his side?

What they got right: All but one of the characters are in line with their usual portrayals. (Sadly, this includes Ms. Lion, who is at least smart enough to realize big dragon burrowing underground equals bad news.) The art is up to the team’s usual high standards.

What they got wrong: That one character I mentioned? That would be Tony Stark, who spends a good chunk of the comic running around yelling “I want my armor!”. The Tony Stark I know would have hopped into a Radio Shack or Toys R Us and suddenly come flying out with a frog-sized, thrown together bunch of high-tech armor by now.

Recommendation: Not the best of the Pet Avengers stories, but still high enough quality to highly recommend it.

Even as a frog, Tony Stark is a leg man. (He was looking at Spider-Woman, right?)

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