We can be just as bland on our cover as any other Marvel comic.

Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #3

Marvel Comics (March 2011)

WRITER: Christopher Yost
COVER ART: Patrick Scherberger & Christ Sotomayor
COLORIST: Jean-Fracois Beaulieu

LETTERER: Joe Sabino

EDITOR: Michael Horwitz
STORY 1 ARTIST: Scott Wegener
STORY 2 ARTIST: Patrick Scherberger

In “Savage” The Grandmaster and…The Collector? My knowledge of the cosmic wing of the Marvel Universe is admittedly poor…force the Hulk and Thor to battle each other for their amusement. In “Courage”, Wasp must protect a wounded Captain America from a Wendigo.

What they got right: Storywise they’re both very good.

What they got wrong:…but too short. Plus like issue the second story doesn’t try to emulate the look of the cartoon like the first story does. The splash page of the Wasp doesn’t benefit although the art in the rest of the story is otherwise decent.

Recommendation: I still say just watch the cartoon. While the comic does fill in a few gaps, I would rather see full-length stories one-shot stories than two stories and some files.

Up Next: Best Scene of the Week in the Weekly Wrap-Up, and hopefully next week I won’t have scheduling problems and maybe some more contenders.

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