BW Media Spotlight is about, in part, promoting things I like. That’s also the entire point of Saturday Night Showcase. Occasionally I’ll bypass an actual narrative and discuss one of the growing trends on the internet, video reviewers. One such reviewer is Apollo Z. Hack, a previous SNS posting who this week has announced that he will be joining That Guy With The

There was a huge campaign by forumers to get Hack onto the site because of this excellent reviews. If you saw the video he did with “Clan of the Grey Wolf” (who also goes by “Roo”), posted here as a BW filler video, he has also joined Channel Awesome, but at Blistered Thumbs. This all follows another reviewer, Vangelus, being brought on board with this toy reviews. Now what part did the Spotlight play in these guys getting on? Absolutely nothing, but I do want to take the opportunity to push one more SNS-approved reviewer to the ranks if I possibly can.

Right now the next push in the forums is Diamanda Hagan. Don’t get me wrong, but while I enjoy her stuff enough to (tooting my own horn slightly) actually design the banner for her website, her primary series isn’t what you would call BW friendly. Her character is a supervillainess who creates her minions in a vat so she can do unspeakable things to them when the exploitation or bad porn she’s reviewing ticks her off. (Then again, she also reviewed Condorman, so she does branch out occasionally.) Sure, she reviews bad Doctor Who episodes and I will push to get a review of the episode “Tooth and Claw“, aka my least favorite new Who story, posted here if she gets to it, but my liking it and being BW friendly are two different things. Long time readers may know the difference by now. I do join in her hopefully getting a spot on TGWTG. However, there is someone else I’d like to see achieve his dream.

Tyler James, who also goes by “Omegas” and “TJ Omega” has been on this site three times now, twice in the Showcase and once because he reviewed a show I wanted you all to see, especially you 4Kids haters out there. Tonight I’m not only flooding this week’s Saturday Night Showcase with his body of work but crossposting it to BW’s space in the fanblogs at TGWTG in the hopes that it will help push his career. So let’s get past probably the longest intro I’ve ever written for a Saturday Night Showcase and post some videos.

Tyler’s first show, and the one that made him most famous on the internet, is Plastic Addict, a show I’ve posted here before but in the most requested of his toy reviews, he adds a bit of flair in his review of Laserbeak, from the “Transformers Armada” toyline.

I’ve been trying to convince him to put the toy reviews into his bid for Channel Awesome status in light of Vangelus, with whom he does a Transformers podcast, being the first toy reviewer at That Guy With The Glasses, and this is where he has the most practice. To deal with his hording tendencies, Tyler introduced another show, TJ’s Rehab. Here he reviews a Kamen Rider action figure from Japan.

And then he reviewed the toy in the background in a series of reviews involving the role-play figures in the line.

(You can see the Decadriver review he mentioned here.)If you want to know more about Kamen Rider W, that will be part of next week’s Showcase. Finally it’s the show that he’s been pushing in his bid for Channel Awesomeness and how I first learned about him, TJ TV. This time it’s a review of a cartoon he doesn’t like, and following his example it’s episode one of his show as he reviews Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm.

If he thinks that’s bad, he should see the “kid-friendly” prequel to the movie. I admit to owning this out of curiosity. It’s not good. Anyway, he even has his own character, an evil ancestor introduced in his review of Laser Tag Academy. That’s got to be good for something. All I ever had was Shockwave (at least until I got sick).

So that’s Tyler James, whom I would like to see join the Channel Awesome family. I don’t post reviewers very often but any way I can be helpful to getting this guy an audience I’m happy to do. Good luck, TJ Omega.

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  1. Tyler James says:

    Wow, three articles now, I feel spoiled. Thanks for the push, I appreciate any help or support I can get to make it to Channel Awesome.I feel kinda bad considering TJ TV has been on hiatus during the holidays, and Plastic Addict has been off for a while now… guess I better get to writing!


    • Technically four, since there’s also the WMAC Masters posting. 🙂 Also, you were credited in this week’s Atop The Fourth Wall review of Power Rangers Zeo (with a new Linkara/Mechakara fight plus a evil opposite for Iron Liz). It didn’t say what you did on the episode, though.

      Face it, man, you’re making waves now. 🙂


      • Tyler James says:

        Yup, I had a hand in that video… literally, I made the “dead” Mechakara hand seen at the end. Lewis had no idea I was making it and I only sent it to him a few weeks ago so my timing couldn’t have been better.


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