"I thought I QUIT drinking!"

Iron Man: Legacy #10

Marvel Comics (March 2011)

WRITER: Fred Van Lente
PENCILER: Philippe Briones
INKER: Jeff Huet
COLORIST: John Rauch
LETTERER: Dave Sharpe
COVER: Juan Doe
PRODUCTION: Damien Lucchese
ASSISTANT EDITOR: Charlie Beckerman
EDITOR: Ralph Macchio

Tony is contacted by the head of the Pride. Tony learns the Pride is his foe, not Stane and the Pride learns Tony knew nothing about them after all. However, they still have Tamara and Tyree, and are planning to sacrifice Tamara to the Gibborim. Tony grabs his armor and calls for help, then invades the Pride’s base of operations.

What they got right: Fred Van Lente continues to be Fred Van Lente. There are fun moments, but none that clash with the serious story elements. The art is darn good.

What they got wrong: I admittedly know little about the Pride or the Gibborim so I have nothing to add here.

Recommendation: It’s Fred Van Lente on Iron Man doing in this arc what I thought was missing last arc. I’m glad I stayed on board.

Kids don't look out their windows enough anymore. They miss the sunlight, the tree, the dinosaurs...

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