Sometimes you need a defense against disappointment.

Clicking on the comic will give you a bit of insight into how I’m rethinking the current comic size and why. Also, when the announcement came down I saw responses from people so happy that Quesada was gone that they’re forgetting he’s being replaced by a guy mostly known for mature titles. You can see my article about it for more. But before we start this week’s Wrap-Up:

I mentioned it in yesterday’s Showcase article, but BW Media Spotlight (party of one) would like to officially congratulate Matt Burkett, known online as “Apollo Z. Hack”, in getting what many of his fans (including myself) think was way overdue; a spot at That Guy With The Glasses. com. Already the first episode of the “Reviewaverse Saga” is up, and he is currently working on episode 6 and I have it on good authority that it’s starting off with a bang (at least if a certain person I see in the mirror will get his part done already). This makes two reviewers thus far who have been in the Showcase to achieve this lofty goal among video reviewers. Check the aforementioned article to see the third in action. Maybe we can go for the full trio. But now, the news, including some stuff I wanted to put up last week, when I didn’t get a chance to do a Wrap-Up.


  • Are they really going to kill off the current Blue Beetle? Bleeding Cool contributor Rich Johnston has his doubts.
  • I know Christmas is long over, but that’s the state of my backlog. Check out some of the cards the industry gave out last year.
  • Changes in Vertigo’s pay format for creators.


video games

in other news

Best Scene of This Week’s Reviews

Actually, it was the only nominee this week.

All-New Batman: The Brave & The Bold #2

Even Batman knows his limitations.

Hopefully next week we’ll have more options. As for tomorrow, prepare for another “Getting Caught Up”. Hopefully I can STAY caught up now that the holidays are over. We’ll burrow through newsletters and hopefully RSS feeds as I try to clean house.

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