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Darkwing Duck Annual #1

BOOM! Studios (March 2011)

LETTERER: Deron Bennett
EDITOR: Christopher Burns
COVERS: James Silvani (A & B, inker on C)
COVER “C”: Tad Stones
COVER COLORS: Amy Mebberson (A & B); Andrew Dalhouse (C)
(cover “B” shown)

Darkwing Duck Annual features two stories with the Masked Mallard and his crew. Interestingly, the regular art team of James Silvani (artist) and Andrew Dalhouse (colorist) work with the guest writer with guest artists helping the regular writer, Ian Brill. However, the guest writer is the guy behind Darkwing Duck himself.

Guest artists Sabrina Alberghetti (artist) and Lisa Moore (colorist) work on Brill’s story “Toy With Me”, where we not only learn what happened to Quackerjack but a bit of about what he did at Quackwerks. He’s gone off the deep end, planning to use a video game and Tron-style equipment to turn MMO players into a toy army. The artists do as good a job as the regular artists at replicating the look of the cartoon and as usual Brill does a good job of “converting” the cartoon to an ongoing comic. I actually felt a bit sorry for Quackerjack by the end.

The main artist team works with Tad Stones, creator of the cartoon who discusses the origins of said cartoon in an article at the end of the comic. “The Untimely Terror of the Time Turtle” creates a new villain, Chronoduck, who can travel through time thanks to a turtle. It’s Darkwing Duck at its finest, but considering he’s the guy behind the show that shouldn’t be a surprise.

Recommendation: Just the fact that Stones writes a story and discusses the creative process of the cartoon should be enough for any DW fan to pick this up. Then again, you should have been picking this series up anyway.

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