"This is for screwing up my series!"

Buck Rogers Annual #1

Dynamite Entertainment (2011)

WRITERS: Matt Brady & Troy Brownfield
ARTIST: Carlos Rafael
COLORIST: Carlos Lopez
LETTERER: Simon Bowland
COVER “A” (shown?): Carlos Rafael
COVER “B”: Stephen Sadowski

The story takes place between the first two arcs.

Buck and Dr. Huer go searching for a signal Buck recognizes. It is also his birthday. At the source, Buck finds a message left for him by Ashley which helps him come to terms with his situation (you know, being trapped in the 25th Century and all). However, Buck and Huer still have to escape the robot guards.

What they got right: This is co-writer Matt Brady’s first outing (if I understood the interview at the end of the comic correctly), joined by fellow Newsarama alum Troy Brownfield. Together with the original artist and colorist for the comic, the end result is a story as good as the earlier issues of the series. (If you read my reviews it fell apart near the end, which I still assume was the result of the writer trying to stuff too much in after learning they were canceling the comic.)

What they got wrong: Nothing. I like that they actually told the story of how Buck learned to deal with being lost in time. The art is great, the characters fantastic, the story fun, and a good blend of touching and action.

Recommendation: Up there with the best of the regular series, I wouldn’t mind this group bringing the series back. High recommendation for this comic.

I had trouble choosing for Best Scene. There’s touching…

{click for full size}

…and there’s humorous.

Take your pick. And since this week I only have three comics I’m going to bounce back and forth between “today’s” and “yesterday’s” comic reviews. Tomorrow will be a “Yesterday’s” Comic:

Tomorrow’s Comic: Adventures of the Mask #6

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