So what happened yesterday? The Galactica crew made a new friend, Athena was hoping for benefits, and we got to see the worst designed engine in sci-fi artwork history. What shall befall us next? Well, since Ares is working for Baltar, nothing good.

Ares appears to have gone blind.

Battlestar Galactica: The Enemy Within #2 (of 3)

STORY: Rob Liefeld, Greg Aronowitz, and Robert Napton
SCRIPT: Robert Napton
ARTIST: Hector Gomez
COLORIST: Angel McLaughlin
LETTERER: Kurt Hathaway
EDITOR: Matt Hawkins
UPDATED CHARACTER/SHIP DESIGNS: Rob Liefeld & Karl Altstaetter

Yes folks, while one person is doing the script, a third person has been brought in to do the story. And here’s something interesting: there’s a spoiler in the “story so far” section for a surprise reveal in the next issue. I’ll save it for tomorrow.

This issue opens in storage bay as Dr. Cyrus goes over Ares’ ship while Adam and Apollo talk about how good Cyrus is and a series of text boxes give us Apollo’s journal entry talking about how neither really trusts Ares. Apparently this required a splash page with an inset (using EXTREEEEEEME PANEL BORDERS!!!!! no less) of Cyrus asking them to join him in the ship.

Apparently nobody wonders how he can lift all that weight with one arm.

Cyrus’ preliminary findings support Ares’ claim as the ship does indeed seem to come from the 13th tribe. (It’s later learned that Baltar just happened to come across this empty ship. How conveeeeeeeeeeeenient.) Adam notes that if it came from the 13th tribe there should be telepathic controls, but Apollo notes that “perhaps future generations lost the telepathic abilities as we of the colonies did”. (It should be noted that the only mention of telepathy that comes up in the Battlestar Wiki comes from a non-canon source about Adama’s early days, and I don’t remember this revelation in the shows, either.) Adam and Apollo are still suspicious and ask Cyrus to continue his investigation.

Meanwhile, in New Eden City, where the former ragtag fleet is making their new home around the Ark, Ares uses telekinesis to cause a building under construction to collapse, then runs in to rescue a young boy who was playing in there. This only makes Athena want him more, although from the way she’s been poorly written in this story, I’m convinced she’d have done him while he was still in the stasis tubes.

Later, he teams with Boomer in a game of Triad with Starbuck and Boxey (making his only appearance in this story, and without even a line). This leads to two things. One is a terrible layout.

Honestly, does this make anything look any more EXTREEEEEMMMEEEEE! to you? Naturally Ares wins and Athena’s pant…yeah, I’m not going there. We try to keep things as clean as possible here at the Spotlight.

The other thing is a series of revelations. Sheeba rejoins the service when her father reactivates her commission. Boomer apparently married Dietra, a supporting cast member and a fellow Viper pilot, and they had a daughter, Cleo. (I am now restraining a rant about character gender changes when SciFi/Syfy simply could have given Dietra more screen time, as she was a good character. Also, she’s the only black female Viper pilot, make of that what you will.) However, she dies in some mission prior to the first miniseries, as does Cassiopeia, Starbuck’s girlfriend in the series. You know, it was bad enough when they casually blew up the Rising Star in the last miniseries, but to kill off two perfectly good characters? Why? Oh sure, in issue 3 they start talking about “stories yet to be told” but that’s still poor treatment for two good characters from the original series. Why do I get the feeling it’s the same mindset that killed the Spider-Marriage, at least in poor Cassie’s case?

Meanwhile, Sheba and Apollo make peace but before they can make…anything else…a series of malfunctions on board come to his attention. Ares and Athena, however, get to…anything else…and then Ares leaves his unconscious lover to sabotage the Temporal Overdrive (and apparently is both fast and stealthy enough to return and sneak into her bed before it explodes), destroying Dr. Wilker in the process. Not to worry, classic fans, as he’s apparently a robot now, and Apollo hopes that his positronic brain will reveal who the saboteur is, ending issue #2.

I just don’t understand this comic. Why kill two perfectly good classic characters “off-screen”? What is with the layouts in this comic? Panels shoved together, with broken lines whether it works or not. And apparently nobody seems to notice that Ares can walk through fire or lift heavy debris with one arm. Athena is privy to both situations and she’s too hot for his bod to notice it. It’s just messed up, and now we have THREE writers to blame. And blame we will continue to heap as we head into the final issue of Liefeld’s Galactica: The Enemy Within.

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