Gwen and Carter appear in ONE PANEL and beat up NOBODY! Stop lying, covers!

Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man V2 #12

Marvel Comics (May 2010)

WRITER: Paul Tobin
PENCILER: Matteo Lolli
INKER: Terry Pallot
COLORIST: Chris Sotomayor
LETTERER: Dave Sharpe
COVER: Patrick Scherberger & Edgar Delgado
EDITOR: Jordan D. White

Spider-Man and his friends launch an all-out final strike against the Torino family. That’s really all there is to say.

What they got right: Our heroes lay out a flawless plan. I love the way Spidey and George act in the story, and Chat continues to be awesome.

What they got wrong: The cover shows Carter and Gwen involved in the story. They are not.

Recommendation: I may not be saying much, but that’s because it’s too good. If you’ve been following the story, this is a must have. If you haven’t, it’s a least a decent primer to get you interested.

"I said I needed to get out for some air, but not like this!"

Tomorrow’s (old) Comic> Adventures of the Mask #7

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