I was distracted last week and didn’t even get the chance to check out last week’s fight. My apologies, fellow fighters. I’m dealing with a somewhat more personal distraction this week that I don’t care to bring up on the internet, so we’ll see if I get this week’s vote recorded.

In this tournament you use one person from the previous fight in this fight. Well last time we had Joey Slick, mob boss Lomax, and Megatron. Since the other two were never heard from again, I can’t connect them in the chain. However, Megatron continues to be a presence. Let’s see, what else could we use…how about Spider-Man.

Some of you may be expecting me to go with Marvel’s The Transformers #3. Interesting idea, but I’m going a different route. When the first of the Bay Transformers movies came out, Marvel wanted to cash in. However, they gave up the license a long time ago, with said license going to Dreamwave and (after Pat Lee screwed up that project) to IDW Publishing. And so a crossover was arranged (not sure who had which idea), featuring the Transformers as they were appearing in the IDW G1verse at the time. (You may remember I once pointed out that issue #2 has the worst Wolverine artwork ever!) And that’s where we come in.

Repeat Rehash Revenge round 2

The Battlefield: New Avengers/Transformers #4 (Marvel Comics with IDW Publishing, December 2007)

The Promoters: Stuart Moore (writer), Tyler Kirkman (penciler), Sal Regla (inker) Annette Kwok (colorist), Todd Klein (letterer), Lauren Sankovitch (assistant editor) and Bill Rosemann (editor)

The Decepticons were boosting their Energon using Spider-Man’s radioactive blood (how does THAT science fly in 2007?) and using a machine that was causing Latveria and the neighboring Symkaria to go to war. Doom isn’t happy to see his machine used against him and help Spider-Man escape. He’s not happy.

It should be noted that Megatron had already been softened up by the Autobots and Avengers. So which of our fighters will be in next week’s BW entry? Log on next week and find out. In the meantime…

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I’m not sure if I’m going to be in the mood to be voting this week, but I’ll try. The rest of you should try, too. Click the sign to head for Spacebooger’s before Sunday night and vote for your favorite fighter. And if you have a huge comic collection and some blogging space, feel free to join in next week.

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