I haven’t done a least favorite in a while. We all know Chuck Norris.

Sorry, too much Nostalgia Critic. Anyway, according to the internet his awesomeness is legendary, he’s the ultimate supermegahyperbadass of the universe, and he has a cool cowboy hat. Supposedly he can do no wrong. Then again, there’s his rather bland cartoon series.

Perhaps cartoons weren’t ready to handle the manly awesomeness that is Chuck Norris, who knows. We’re not hear to talk about the show, we’re here to find the intro lacking. And it is lacking.

To put this in perspective let’s go with another property, this time a fictional movie character who, like Norris at that point in time, seemed an odd choice to market to kids.

Where does this work (relatively speaking; this won’t be in the Favorite Intros list anytime soon) where Karate Kommandos didn’t (poor spelling aside)? The Norris cartoon sounds more like a pilot intro than a series intro. And yes, it was a five-part pilot for a full series, but Rambo: The Force of Freedom started out with that, too, as did many other syndicated cartoons in the 1980’s, and they all had better intros from the start.

I don’t know who that particular narrator is, but I know he can sound more interested that he does here. They have him going on about how cool Norris is, and listing his team. The Rambo cartoon does the same but while they’re the same kind of intro, Rambo comes off a bit more action-ready, if not a bit hokey. (This is the 80’s after all.)

The cartoon itself, reported as coming to DVD via Warner Brother’s “manufacture on demand” service, was OK. Like Hanna-Barbera’s Mr. T, the show started with Chuck in live-action form doing an intro to that episode, voicing his character, and returning in live-action to deliver the moral of the day. But it was no Mr. T.

Now that’s an intro! The moral was thrown in, and wasn’t integrated into the theme of the story like Mr. T. It didn’t work as well because of it. I’m curious to see what the DVD sales numbers will be for both, as Mr. T is also headed for “manufacture on demand”. My theory is that a fool will be pitied, and only Mr. T has the guts to call Chuck Norris that.

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  1. […] once talked about the intro to the Chuck Norris cartoon that wanted to be the Mr. T cartoon but never really talked about the intro TO the Mr. T […]


  2. Sean says:

    The Karate Kommandos intro is just as lame as the cartoon. The Rambo intro does a good job setting up the action packed cartoon it opens for.


  3. […] or the visuals. All of it comes together beautifully. This is pretty much what the intro to Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos wishes it were. And that was also Ruby-Spears so you know they didn’t get it right all the […]


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