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Richie Rich: Rich Rescue #1

Yes, I know that isn’t the title on the cover, but that’s the name of the book according to the indicia so that’s what I’m calling it. “The Boon Under The Bay” is just the main story.

Ape Entertainment/Kidzoic imprint (2011; great, another company that doesn’t use months)

I originally wasn’t going to get this comic. I was never into the comic, but I did enjoy the 80’s cartoon. This comic is more along those line, a re-imagining of the characters as a rescue team. It looked interesting so I picked it up. There are four stories each with their own writer and art team. Therefore, I shall review them separately.

The first story sets up the series concept in “Welcome to Rich Rescue”. Basically it’s a tour of the Rich Rescue headquarters, but you get to see the updated design of Richie, Dollar, Irona, Gloria, Cadbury, and Reggie. Then they get their first mission, which heads into the second story. Brent E. Erwin isn’t just the writer but is credited for the concept. Jack Lawrence is the artist and like all of the artists he does a great job. It’s a good start.

The mission at the end of the first story leads into the main story, the same as the cover title. Bill Williams takes over the story of a treasure hunt that leads into a confrontation with pirates. This isn’t just similar to the 80’s cartoon but an enhancement as Richie’s gear makes more sense that it did in the cartoon. It isn’t about comically showing off the Rich fortune. They also do a good job at hiding the villain until the end.

“Of Demise and Men” is written by co-creator of the original character, Sid Jacobson, with Ernie Colon on art and lettering duties. Done in the writing and art style (the only time Richie is depicted with his large bow tie and blue shorts) of the original Harvey comic, Reggie is kidnapped for ransom and Richie and Cadbury have to find a way to rescue him. It’s a fun little story.

The last is Patrick Rills “Professor Keenbean’s Corner”, which is the Professor showing off one of the vehicles used in the main story to the audience and Reggie assisting. James Silvani is on art duty with Lisa Moore on colors. It’s a short but fun piece.

Overall, this was a great comic and not only am I glad I picked it up but I’m going to try to get the whole series. I highly recommend it for kids and kids at heart.

Yes, it's the pin-up by Marcelo Ferreira and Dustin Evans, but it's cool art.

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