Feeling cosmic.

Transformers: Foundation #4

IDW Publishing (May 2011)

WRITER: John Barber
ARTIST: Andrew Griffith
COLORIST: Priscilla Tramontano
LETTERERS: Shawn Lee & Chris Mowry
EDITOR: Andy Schmidt
MAIN COVER (shown): Brian Rood

Prime confronts Megatron in the present, while in the past we finally see the moment that drove Optimus to these events, as well as the launching of the All-Spark into space, setting up the first movie as well as the third.

What they got right: The characters were well written and the ending satisfying. That’s all I can say about that, but it does count for the majority of the comic.

What they got wrong: For a writer who tries to mix continuity even in stories I didn’t care for (for example Sector 7), Barber really drops the ball on this one, as the launching of the All-Spark in this story contradicts the very first prequel comic back when the original movie came out. I don’t mean the UK reprinted story, I mean the IDW story. Why didn’t the editors catch that?

Recommendation: Overall I enjoyed the story, so if you like the Movieverse Transformers this miniseries is worth picking up.

This is what happens when you interrupt his monster truck show.

Tomorrow’s (retro) comic: Alf #2 (Yes, there was a comic, too.)

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