For the record, I just wasn't impressed.

With all the attention on E3, the Electronics Entertainment Expo, I really didn’t follow what was going on, except of course the new DC Universe (which I’m seeing shortened into DCnU) so there’s no real news this week. I also didn’t get a Clutter Report since I didn’t have a chance to do any organizing due to yesterday’s video and some other stuff. So I’ll just give you a quick summary of my E3 thoughts, which I will go through in greater detail during this week. At the end will the Best Scene of the Week and everything else will return next week.

To be honest nothing I saw really got me jazzed about getting a console. Each one offered a few decent games, but nobody had a great share that I couldn’t get on PC outside of exclusives like Infamous 2. I’ll go through the press conferences in greater detail over the next few weeks but here’s what I was talking about in this week’s strip.

Nintendo: It was all about how great their hardware was. “Hey, we have four systems coming and here’s what they can do.” Even the Wii U announcement was so sparse that people had to ask Reggie Fils-Aime if they were selling a new controller or a new system and whether or not it was HD. We got some games, but it was all about the hardware, and reports came that this cause Nintendo’s stock to drop because they’re focus was off.

Microsoft: They have some good stuff on the XBox and they’re smart enough to not challenge Nintendo’s handheld dominance, at least for now, but everything they showed off wasn’t an innovation like they claimed. Why would I watch YouTube on the TV when it’s easier to search with a keyboard, Bing or no Bing. They’re not doing anything new, they’re just updating what the others have done and they know how to use, for example, a motion camera better than Sony did with the Eye Toy.

Sony: Speaking of which I’m not sure they gave a full apology for what happened with the Playstation Network in not protecting their servers better from hackers. (Although let’s be honest, the hackers get most of the blame.) Instead we get more pushing of 3D, which requires a special TV in order to use it. They announced a game monitor, and I’d like to see a good one, but it is also 3D and possibly HD so I still wouldn’t be able to play my old NES Zapper games on it and by the time your done buying it you could have just gotten an HDTV. They’re new handheld will also require the use of AT&T and while I’ve had no problem with the service many others have so that’s more money to get full functionality.

As you’ll see over the next few days none of them really impressed me that much and any leaning I have towards the Wii/DS is due to my love of Nintendo.

Best Scene of This Week’s Reviews

Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man V2 #14

Next week This Week’s Cracked, news, and the Clutter Report hopefully all return.

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