I haven’t had time to go through and edit all of the video footage I shot at the Brass City Comic Convention on Sunday, so this is the only video I had time to complete. During the con I had a chance to talk with Professor William H. Foster III. He has written two book on the subject of black characters in comics. I haven’t had the chance to read either of them (seeing as I’m still trying to get through Transformers: Exodus and there are more books behind that one), but it was interesting (in a good way) to sit down with him and discuss people of color in comics.

Remember that interviewing isn’t really my thing when I’m prepared. this was impromptu, and I just asked questions of the top of my head. It certainly comes off that way. Also, this was on Sunday, before the reveal of the new Spider-Man in the Ultimate Universe. (Yes, that commentary is coming, tomorrow or Monday at the latest.) I would love to know his opinion on that news. In the meantime, here’s a short video (by my video standards, anyway) with Professor Foster on race and comics.

Wow, I really screwed up those opening credits, didn’t I? Some things I wanted to add: I only brought up Whitewash Jones because I actually did read a defense of the character, either in someone’s blog post or comments section. Not having read Young Allies (save postings by people who wanted to show how racist a character Jones was), I hadn’t heard that before and was curious to hear his response as a historian and a black man. (I hate the term “African-American” because not every black man traces his origins to Africa and the term just feels divisive. I used it in the video just out of habit, because it’s so popularly used). Also, while I didn’t get into Hardware, that love of Iron Man that Prof. Foster brought up (which we had discussed while I was setting up) did help get me interested in Steel, which I enjoyed until Priest came on board and changed the tone to something closer to Milestone. (I do actually want to check out Icon, though. It sounds like an interesting premise.)

Prof. Foster has a website where you can find out more about his writings and direct links to his books on Amazon. When I have more time to edit (still getting used to my new work schedule–more hours means more money but less time) I’ll post more, including some bigger names you may already know and some independents artists you probably should know. I’m actually still waiting on a couple of things, so we’ll see how that goes.

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