They're having a few friends for dinner.

I had to use the image from ComiXology because my scanner is down.

Richie Rich: Rich Rescue #3 (of 4)

Ape Entertainment (2011)

CONCEPT: Brent E. Erwin
LETTERER: Deron Bennet
COVER: Jack Lawrence

I noticed something while reading this: Rich Rescue doesn’t really rescue anybody but themselves. They mostly hunt down treasures and ancient mysteries. They should have called the comic Richie Rich’s Treasure Hunt.

The title story this issue is “Just Deserts”. Quinn Johnson takes on writing duties with James Silvani on art. Silvani’s art is good, but something is different from the art usually used in the top story. The character models are the same, but I do notice something different. Maybe it’s Jake Myler’s coloring, which is also good, but lacks the shading I’ve been used to. Anyway, the story finds the treasure hunters Rich Rescue finding a pyramid that appears to have been buried upside down. There’s also a supervillain called the Onion, a classic Richie foe who now goes by “The Stench” (only a slight improvement in the villain name, dude). But there’s a secret behind the pyramid. It’s a good story, but most of the stories in this mini has been.

Dollar finally gets to shine in “Laughter Is Not Always The Best Medicine”, a story by Rob Worely. This and the next story are colored by Dustin Evans with Armando Zanker on art and the shading and style on both are closer to the previous issues. Poachers have found a way to get past a preserve’s security system, but it’s Dollar who uncovers the villain’s plot and saves the day. It’s nice that he finally got his spotlight and it’s a good showing.

The last story focuses on Gloria, who works in her dad’s candy store while Richie’s on vacation in “Uncommon Cents”, with Earl Kress taking the writing chores. When Gloria realizes one of the kids are using phoney coins, she hunts the kid down. It’s a fun little story, but (not counting the Gadget Corner), the shortest of the set. It would have been nice to see more of her acting as a detective.

Silvani returns to draw this issue’s Gadget Corner, with Patrick Rills writing and Andrew Dalhouse on colors. Not much to say, but I wanted to at least acknowledge they worked on the comic.

Overall, another good showing by this miniseries, and I still wonder if an ongoing would be in the works. It’s not just a good comic for kids, but a good comic period.

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  1. SteveAsat says:

    Whoa, Cadbury appears to have leveled up since the 1970s. Did he join Torchwood? Richie’s looking very Jonny Quest himself, but a lot of his later stories actually were pretty action-adventure. I’ve GOT to see what they did with Jackie Jokers.


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