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DC Comics Presents Shazam! #1

reprint of Power of Shazam! #38-41

WRITER: Jerry Ordway
PENCILER: Pete Krause
INKER: Dick Giordano
COLORIST: Glenn Whitmore
LETTERER: John Costanza
EDITOR: Mike Carlin

Mr. Mind has taken control of Sarge Steel, sending Mr. Atom to destroy the Marvel siblings. The plan fails, but wipes out Fairfield, Mary’s adoptive parents barely escaping. With the Wizard on New Genesis, the Marvels, aided by other heroes periodically, must take on Mr. Mind and his mind-controlling duplicate worms, the Monster Society of Evil, before the rest of the world suffers a nuclear meltdown!

What they got right: You wouldn’t think that a small worm would be Captain Marvel’s most dangerous foe, but this post-Crisis recreation of the character is a serious threat. While I do have more nitpicks, the story itself was action packed and enjoyable. Plus the artwork is top rate.

What they got wrong: Why did Ibis go to the Brownfields’s home to talk to them if his assistant was just talking to them on the phone and knew they were leaving? The biggest flaw, however, may come from the extra dialog, telling readers what’s going on in other titles. Even the inclusion of a time-traveling Hal Jordan (which was part of a story line in Kyle Rayner’s Green Lantern), as well as cameos by other DC heroes like Superman, the Titans (where Freddy is serving with the Titans as “CM3”–sounds like a 90’s rap group), and Impulse, plus numerous references to the Genesis mini-series (only events involving the Wizard Shazam fit in the story) seem more geared to selling other comics than building up the Captains Marvel story.

Recommendation: The complaints outnumber the strengths in this review, but the story itself more than balances things in favor of the story. Recommended for any Captain Marvel fan.

Tomorrow’s Comic> Kirby: Genesis #2


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