“Why are we putting this together?” “They’re both 70s shows with a female lead.” “Works for me.”

Charlie’s Angels Vs. The Bionic Woman #1

Dynamite Entertainment (2019; posted to comiXology July, 2019)

WRITER: Cameron DeOrdio


COLORIST: Addison Duke


EDITOR: Matt Idelson

The Angels are hired to steal back an invention that grants superstrength but could be used to overcome paralysis. The inventor tried sending a team in but failed. That’s because they went up against Jaime Sommers, the bionic woman. OSI has come in to help the company protect secrets from falling into the wrong hands. So what happens when the Angels meet bionics? I don’t know, that’s for next issue and I didn’t get it.

What they got right: Clearly either Charlie or OSI is being tricked here but they don’t give away which one it is. That’s a good setup for this mystery. I like the art and I like the action on Jamie’s side and the procedure of the Angels.

What they got wrong: This clearly isn’t the 70s incarnation of these characters. Dynamite did also make comics featuring an updated version of The Six Million Dollar Man (simply titled The Bionic Man rather than adjust for inflation) as well as one based in the show’s original timeline. I believe a Bionic Woman spinoff was created in Dynamite’s updated universe, where Jamie isn’t as nice as she is in the show. This is clearly not the 70s version because while she had the potential to be a badass that was Steve’s bit and Jamie didn’t operate like that. It’s what made them different beyond their genders. Besides which Jamie is way too willing to show off her bionic powers when dealing with the thieves, something neither Jamie nor Steve did in the show. I wonder if the writer watched the wrong Bionic Woman? Also, did she find Charlie as he was giving the Angels their mission? Why not confront him then and clear everything up (beyond “we wouldn’t have a story”)? We also don’t get a very good angle on the Angels’ personalities. They’re almost interchangeable.

Recommendation: Fans may not get into this team-up outside of the 70s girl power angle because the heart of both shows appears to be missing. Otherwise it’s not a bad start to the story. It’s enough that I probably wouldn’t have continued, like with The Bionic Man but if getting the property right is something you don’t care about this may prove to be worth looking into.

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