With reviewers on the decline thanks to how YouTube handles copyright claims, digital effects seem to be on the rise to take their spot. Freddie Wong (one of my go-tos for Filler Videos) and those inspired by him have made some great stuff. Two of his partners on projects, Sam Gorski & Niko Pueringer (I think I’ve got his last name right), formed their own studio, Corridor Digital, and like Freddie’s group puts out their own action skits using visual effects in place of squibs and other special effects tools. While digital still doesn’t replace the real thing it’s a good low-budget way of doing action scenes.

Well, Sam & Niko have put out their biggest project to date with the help of HitFilm.com as part of a project by the website to help promote their new editing software. Prism has a bit more story than most YouTube Digital Effects videos and a level of work that goes beyond mere filler videos.

From a storytelling perspective, it’s sadly a bit light and (maybe it’s just because of my writer instincts) I found myself crafting a story as to what was really going on…which was messed up once the bad guy actually turned out to be a bad guy. That then makes the thieves the heroes and that doesn’t sit right with me. My thought was that the Prism teleported them to an alternate world or something, and that the guys they stole it from were actually trying to stop the invasion by the soldiers the kids were fighting. But no, everybody’s evil.

Still, the acting and effects work were both well done. They needed two videos to cover it all. (Well, three, but the sound design one didn’t interest me as much.)

Very impressive work for their first big budget work, but if you’ve seen what they do with their usual budget, they have some cool ideas. In fact you can see what they can come up with on a small budget by visiting their YouTube page and Facebook. They also have a behind the scenes page with tips for other VFX makers. They’re worth checking out.

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