Remembering 9/11

It saddens me to do two serious comics so close together (the other being a commentary on the London riots), but while I had planned to continue the New DCU jokes, today is the 10th anniversary of the first foreign attack on US soil in years, and I felt the need to do something for it. Click on the comic for some more thoughts on the subject.

I’d like to take this space to congratulate Extra Credits on their new home on Penny Arcade’s “PATV” lineup. Their first episode is up, and while video game fans should really be watching this show, this episode is good for writers as well, as they discuss pacing in the story. Also, Allison’s back doing art. I hope her arm is up to it. And now, the latest news.


  • Marvel showed off the covers for their new “Season One” line of graphic novels.
  • Bleeding Cool has tracked all 13 appearances thus far for the mystery woman I may call Lady Flashpoint. I haven’t seen anyone use that name, but she’s been referred to as “mystery woman”, “Plot Device Lady”, and Ms. Monitor, and that’s just the ones I’ve seen, but at least Lady Flashpoint sounds like a character name.
  • One comic store will not be carrying Action Comics.
  • Kieron Gillen talks about the new path for the X-Men.
  • Bleeding Cool knows what the Flash was really up to.


video games

in other news

  • I’m not what you’d call a Katt Williams fan, but I support him on this one. He may not be trying to offend Mexicans and he shouldn’t, but the whole “reclaim our land” movement offends me. I do wonder why this rash of comic vs. hecklers battles are popping up in the news so much?
  • What music does to your brain.
  • The Clutter Reports To go through my collection to see if I still want it, it’s a good idea to know what I’m going through, at least with my games and videos. So this week’s assignment was to catalog the lot.
  • This Week’s Cracked: Whether lost in a final draft or the director decides to be a big jerk to get you talking cute, 7 Hotly Debated Movie Questions That Totally Have Answers did nothing to convince me that Deckard being a replicant was ever a good idea, regardless of whether not he is at the end of Blade Runner. It’s not addressed or anything, but it does show that 2001 makes only slightly more sense than you thought. Also, the writer might be a Bill Murray fan. I really couldn’t tell.

Best Scene of This Week’s Reviews

Sonic The Hedgehog #228

"I liked it better when I didn't understand you."

So did anybody do anything to mark 9/11? Or go to the “virtual convention” DigiCon? Feel free to comment.

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