Well, New York Comic-Con has come and gone, which means it’s time once again to see what everybody is offering. For the DC and Marvel reports I’m going to put the comics and other media in the same article but in different areas, like the Weekly Wrap-Ups did. First up?

Fighting a cold, it’s time to make myself sicker see what the current captains of cheap marketing gimmicks is going to do to get featured in USA Today next. That’s all DC does anymore, and they can’t last much longer with that game plan. They’ve alienated long-times fans, save for the die-hards who will cheer anything with the DC logo on it, which I can no longer be. Alright, Didio, how will you make me cry next?

I should also note, that there are sure to be more reports and interviews in the days ahead, so this isn’t completely over yet. This is just the news for now:


  • Some of the biggest news came out before the convention. Word is Gail Simone is leaving Fury of Firestorm. George Perez had already been announced as leaving Superman with Keith Giffen and Dan Jurgens coming in as writers/artists. (Seeing how right now Justice League International is the only New 52 that interests me, I’m actually happy with that news, although we do lose Perez for any art duties he could have been changed to.) Marc Bernardin will be the new writer for Static Shock and I have to admit he at least sounds like he has some good ideas. Ann Nocenti will take over on Green Arrow. What is with all these changes so early into the relaunch. It doesn’t inspire confidence.
  • The Batman Panel: Nothing really interested me there. Haven’t been into Batman in a long time, thanks to these guys. (Except for the cartoon they’re about to get rid of.)
  • On the other hand, this interview with Chip Kidd about his upcoming original graphic novel, Batman: Death By Design, sounds interesting. He’s using both identities and going less “tortured soul” and more classic action. I like that. Artist Dave Taylor has a nice art style, too.
  • The Green Lantern Panel: ““This is Hal being an #$@hole,” said Johns as the audience laughed …” Yeah, that’s not what I want to see a superHERO doing. Then again, I’m not Geoff Johns. Also, I can’t tell if they’re doing something awesome with Rayner by making him an avatar of all the Corps or something lame by taking away his Earth identity and life. That’s why I accepted Kyle in the first place.
  • The Justice League Panel: “”That’s Hal saying someone help me out!” laughed Johns, pointing to the image (of Hal fighting Superman) onscreen.” What does Johns love about Hal Jordan again? Shouldn’t I be the one making Hal abuse jokes? Apparently their version of Darkseid is going to be different, possibly from the guy who created him. Jack something, I think. Wait, Johns wrote for Smallville–please tell me we’re not getting THAT Darkseid! Brian Azzarello on Wonder Woman’s origin change: “We didn’t change it, we enhanced it.” Riiiiight. Lee spits out the “larger numbers scares fans off” nonsense again and Johns tries to convince us that Cyborg is popular.
  • The Superman Panel: The panel opens with the next “Earth-One” graphic novel, where Superman wears the classic costume (yay) surrounded by burning skulls (nuts) and an announcement that there would be more sex and violence this time around (what the…?). Supergirl 52 isn’t worth talking about. Superboy 52’s writer: “”He’s not hip, he’s not snarky, he’s not funny, he’s a blank slate learning how to be a human being,” You know, what we want in Superboy. No, wait, that’s nothing like the Superboy his fans know and love, and probably upsets them about the Young Justice cartoon. Someone wants Supergirl to fight Wonder Woman, thus adding to my declaration that DC 52 is just Marvel lite.
  • The Young Justice Panel: This is about the teen heroes of DC 52, not the cartoon. Jamie won’t be telling his family he’s Blue Beetle, thus taking out one of the things that made this incarnation unique. This is the first version of the Teen Titans in this universe so if you like the originals they don’t care. Apparently Dick and Starfire still dated (so Jason can be a jackass, I guess) but not as teammates.
  • The last bit of news before post time (more reports may be coming out as we go through the week and the writers/interviewers have time to work on articles and videos) is that Geoff Johns will be writing a back-up feature in the Justice League title called Curse of Shazam!, and the interview with Gary Frank (what is he, co-writer? artist?) does nothing to calm my fears that it’s going to mess up this fun kid’s wish fulfillment tale. They should just put Art Baltazar, Franco, and Mike Norton back on Magic of Shazam! and call it good. Because it would be.


  • For the upcoming direct to video Batman: Year One we have two previews. One featuring Batman that shows how stupid the GCPD is. Guys, your in a building that’s falling apart. Are you trying to kill yourselves or Batman? The other has a meeting between the Gordons and Bruce Wayne. Miller’s influence is obvious even here. (And why did Gordon bring his wife to a suspect questioning?) Also, an image of Catwoman from the short that will be attached. Eliza Dushku will play the sexy cat burglar. No word if rooftop sex happens. Then there’s the interview with Bruce Timm. (Warning: video autostarts.)
  • Speaking of clips, and be warned that this also autostarts, we have the first scene from the upcoming Green Lantern cartoon. The Red Lanterns are in it and killing GLs apparently. This isn’t going to be a kids show, I think. Nothing wrong with that, since older teens should get cartoons not from Japan, too. Character models are still lame, so this show better hope it has good enough writers to bypass that. Oh right, Johns is on this too.
  • The DC Animated Panel: Added is news about the next video, Justice League: Doom. Bringing back former voices and using a script by the late Dwayne McDuffie, Vandal Savage will form this version of the Legion of Doom. Only interested because of the people involved.

video games

  • No news on this front, outside of what we already know, that DC Universe Online is going with a free-to-play model.

And that’s what is coming from the DC Entertainment crowd, although more may come out as more reports are released. Tomorrow, what Marvel is planning. I don’t expect to be impressed.


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  1. Will you do news on Archie’s New Crusaders?

    When WILL G. Willow Wilson do a DC project that is not: a) a lame Vertigo project or b) stars a black superhero?



    • I haven’t read the Archie panels yet, but that’s set for the smaller publisher news Thursday.

      Admittedly I don’t know Wilson’s work, but if he prefers to work on black superheroes, as long as he writes good characters that everyone can read, who cares? That’s all I ask for: good characters regardless of race.


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