Thor's trying to attack my watermark!

Marvel Adventures: Super Heroes V2 #19

Marvel Comics (December, 2011)

COLORIST: Chris Sotomayor
COVER: Stephen Segovia
LETTERER: Dave Sharpe
PRODUCTION: Damien Lucchese
EDITOR: Rachel Pinnelas
SENIOR EDITOR: Stephen Wacker
FOUR editors, not counting the EIC. Seems a bit much to me.

This issue contains two stories, one with Thor and the other a team-up with Captain America and Ant Man. There is no indication that these are reprints. I will judge each story separately but I will say that for both of them I wasn’t a fan of the art all.

Joe Caramanga writes the Thor story, “If He Be Worthy”, Kevin Sharpe on pencils and Terry Pallot on inks. Odin is worried that Thor has become arrogant because of the hammer (something we haven’t seen in this title, so good-bye continuity) and gives the hammer to Loki. When a threat appears on Earth, Loki goes to battle it, but Thor follows and without his hammer returns to his mortal identity, Donald Blake. Using his compassion as a doctor and his wits, Thor is able to reclaim the hammer and battle the monster. Overall I wasn’t impressed, but not a bad story.

“A Lesson In History, Naturally” may be one of the clumsiest titles I’ve even seen. Luckily, Eugene Son writes a better story than he does a title. Artist Wes Craig does some good poses, but I’m not a fan of his character models. Captain America and Ant-Man visit the Natural History Museum when the Wrecking Crew break in to take hostages. A bit stronger than the previous story, but still not all that interesting.

Frankly, this isn’t the title I’ve been enjoying as of late and I’m starting to consider dropping the title. I’ll give it a few more issues, though, and hope that if Tobin isn’t coming back that they at least bring in a writer who will restore the title to something other than unconnected anthology tales.

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