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Godzilla Legends #1

IDW Publishing (November, 2011)

STORY: Matt Frank & Jeff Prezenkowski
WRITER: Jeff Prezenkowski
ARTIST: Matt Frank
COLORIST: Josh Perez
EDITOR: Bobby Curnow
COVER “A” (shown): Arthur Adams
COVER “B”: Bob Eggleton
COVER “C’: Matt Frank

When Destroyah shows up, the Kaiju Defense Force (I’m assuming that’s what KDF stands for) attempts to use a signal device prototype to call Godzilla. Instead Anguirus shows up. Destroyah is one of the strongest kaiju on Earth, while Anguirus is usually every monster’s punching bag. With a little help, however, he just might succeed in this fight and earn even the respect of the King of the Monsters.

What they got right: Poor Anguirus. He’s usually the monster on the receiving end, and the characters know it. However, getting to see the underdog finally have his day is really nice to see. And another underdog of the Godzilla franchise, the humans, also get to have a good moment. The three humans that take center stage in this story are great characters that I want to see pop up again. Sure we don’t know a lot about them, but I can sense the potential, and I already like them better than Sgt. Woods over in the main title. The art is also amazing, from the cover by Arthur Adams (the one I picked up) to the internal art by Matt Frank (with Josh Perez doing some of the best color work I’ve seen in a Godzilla comic since IDW snagged the license). Anguirus and Destroyah just look fantastic and their battle is some of the best drawn I’ve ever seen in a G-comic.

What they got wrong: Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Recommendation: Quite possibly the best Godzillaverse comic I’ve read since IDW started their run, even if Godzilla only makes a cameo. I hope this entire story/art team does more Godzilla stories in the future.


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