Since I don’t have time to put together a Friday Night Fight, and this didn’t upload in time to post it yesterday (I’m getting TIRED of that and it’s only the second time I’ve had to cancel my plans–in a row)…

Bill TucciLast week comic writer and artist Billy Tucci was at my local comic store promoting his latest project, A Child is Born, as well as the Sgt. Rock story he wrote last year, The Last Battalion, which is based on an actual World War 2 event. Of course, most of you probably know him from his very popular indy title, Shi. While conducting this interview I learned about a few things besides comics, and I think even if you haven’t been a fan of his work in the past you’ll find this interview very interesting. He seriously does his homework on these projects.

You get the YouTube version (and I get no money) because I can’t figure out how to get the blip version up and I’m frustrated enough trying to post videos the past two weeks! I also hope to try and post a higher quality video at some point. For some reason Blip doesn’t like me anymore.

UPDATE: I’ve got the blip version working but if it isn’t the YouTube is still there. In hindsight, using a Monkees song was funny in context but YouTube might not be happy with it.

8-19-2014> Blip version removed since they’re closing my account.

You can see the review for A Child Is Born in this morning’s “Today’s Comic” post.


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