Picking up comics late because of Christmas, so I had to hit the archives for this one. New comic tomorrow.

"Think this is about that $5 I owe Ivanova?"

Babylon 5 #5

I never picked up the other four issues, although I did read issue #1 at my barber’s shop years ago. He’s retired now.

DC Comics (June, 1995)

CREATOR/STORY PREMISE: J. Michael Straczynski
WRITER: Tim DeHaas
ARTIST: John Ridgeway
COLORIST: Robbie Busch
LETTERER: Tracy Hampton Munsey
EDITOR: Laura Hitchcock

(this story takes place prior to “The Coming of Shadows“)

Garabaldi suspects that Londo is up to no good and his investigation bears that out. Learning of a secret meeting between Londo and Refa (because Londo is having second thoughts about Mr. Morden), he heads to spy on them, with Keffer tagging along. However, Morden is aware of the meeting, scares Londo off, and prepares a trap for Garabaldi.

What they got right: Giving a “story takes place” blurb makes it easier to follow when things are happening. The actor likenesses are quite close. The story also includes a subplot for the arc, the story of how Garabaldi and Sinclair met. Since JMS was quite involved in this series (even writing some issues and the mini-series “In Valen’s Name”), the events might as well be official if they’re not.

What they got wrong: The characters seem kind of stiff in long shots.

Recommendation: Since this includes the story of how Garabaldi and Sinclair first met and forged their friendship (events mentioned in the show but expanded upon here) I would consider it a must-read for show fans. JMS was connected to this comic, much like the creators of the Warehouse 13 show is involved with the comic I reviewed yesterday. It definitely shows in the story.


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