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I’m not sure how Rob Liefeld’s devastation of one of my childhood shows fell through the cracks. It’s been a while since I got through Richard Hatch’s sidebar miniseries. Maybe having a break from the horror broke me from the madness. Maybe other things came up and I couldn’t devote four days to this was a problem. At any rate I haven’t been able to go through this and finish the last miniseries until now.

Not the last of “Liefeld’s Galactica” mind you. There are still two one-shots and a miniseries featuring Starbuck and set during the time of the series. The difference is that I remember that mini was good and I’ve re-read the one-shots which were also good. How is that possible? All three stories are set before or during the show. Both one-shots were done without Liefeld’s story involvement. With the exception of Apollo’s Journey, that was not the case with these minis and if you can remember that far back or re-read the original reviews as I suggested yesterday you’ll recall that I didn’t hate that one.

Well, now we’re back with Rob on story and using his EXTREEEEEEMMEEEE!!!!!!!! “updated” character designs. And this story involves…time travel.

Prepare for pain!

The closest thing to an exciting cover I've seen from this series. Odd considering the creators' mindset.

Battlestar Galactica: Journey’s End #1

Maximum Press (August, 1996)

STORY: Rob Liefeld
SCRIPT: Robert Napton
ARTIST: Hector Gomez
COLORS: Quantum FX
LETTERER: Kurt Hathaway
EDITOR: Matt Hawkins
UPDATED CHARACTER/SHIP DESIGNS: Rob Liefeld & Karl Altstaetter

As our story begins, and this is surprisingly fitting, being my first review of 2012, although the comic was cover dated as August, the colonists are celebrating the Festival of the New Yahren. Remember that in the old show, “yahren” was the replacement term for “year”, because they’re not from Earth and don’t use Earth measuring units, Ron Moore. Apollo, much like me, isn’t out celebrating except running around all afternoon and coming home to a fog bank isn’t his reason. Instead he’s in the Celestial Chamber, a place they like to look at the stars from in the series. (I think it was a way to navigate before advanced sensors were invented, like a sextant in planetarium form.) We get told that the original chamber was destroyed in a battle seven yahrens ago, which may be yet another pointer to that battle where Cassiopeia and Boomer’s wife were killed, but we’ll never know because this was (thankfully) the last story they did.

Nice ponytail, dude.

Suddenly another Seraph named Elias decided to drop in and tells Apollo that the Cylons are coming and the colony has no chance against it. Oh, and for those of you who like to take lines out of context:

For the purposes of this tryst, you may call me Elias.

Have fun with that. Elias mentions the events of the previous comic, and it’s those same events, plus Commander Cain being Commander Cain, that make it hard for them to listen to Apollo when he suggests running. However, Elias, in an act never before seen by a Seraph as far as I can recall, appears at the meeting (flying about the council room–talk about making a grand entrance) and convinces even Cain, although Adam decides to stay because of a “personal matter” that is never explained. Eve also never says anything.

Meanwhile, Baltar is communicating with the Imperious Leader, who apparently is now channeling the Illuminous One from Battle of the Planets. It’s kind of silly, really. We get a reminder (in thought balloons) that Baltar tricked a previous fleet so that he could be the ones to attack the colony and then we get this.

I swear he looks like he's about to punch someone out, not follow their command.

I think my boss would fire me if I did that after he told me to do something. I don’t plan to find out.

Later we learn that Starbuck is indeed alive after the events of The Enemy Within and in a nice callback, he’s christened the planet he’s crashed on Planet Starbuck. Then a whiplash-inducing shift as the Cylon attack fleet shows up, and pretty much devastates everything, even the Ark, followed by the worst Baltar drawing yet, even taking the Liefeld-created character model into the equation:

This is the part where Linkara goes "dude, what happened to your faaaace".

By the Lords of Kobol that’s horrible. Otherwise, it’s a surprisingly well done sequence for what they want to do…pretty much frak the living frack out of everything that’s happened up to this point by destroying the colony, the Ark, and the Pegasus. So much for story advancement. The Pegasus and the Ark are blown up in one of those three panels over two pages layouts, but if you remember the drinking game, it requires a boring scene and this is rather epic in scope so no booze on this one. (Besides, you’ll need it for the next three issues. All the compliments gets used up here.)

Elias appears again and tells Apollo they really need to get out of here, but the Temporal Overdrive is inoperative (after being blown up during The Enemy Within) and the primary energizer is also gone due to the attack. While Elias can’t save the other ships, he can use his power to sent the Galactica away where he they run into ships by their old friends, the Eastern Alliance from Planet Terra. Apollo is astonished that their fleet is now more advanced since the last time they saw them…how many years ago? Your own Vipers are (allegedly) more advanced and the EA has a lot more resources than you do. I’d be more surprised if they WEREN’T advanced by…oh, never mind. Elias says it’s because he teleported them into the future.

OK, I admit this one…isn’t so bad–for Liefeld’s Galactica. While in some ways it’s really the first episode all over again (which won’t be the last time I say something like that in this mini), you do get a real sense of the devastation. This feels like the threat is extreme and things are going to get worse from here.

Which is true, but not in the way intended. Join us tomorrow as all the praise that this comic gets will never be heard from again in the next three issues. I hope you have something in the liquor cabinet left over from the New Year’s party.

That's a lot of Base Stars.

It’s been so long, the previous reviews aren’t even in my “recommended” feed anymore.


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