I wish I could say it was the end of my journey. However, I still have the Starbuck mini and two one-shots before I’m done. However, this is the last of the REALLY bad ones so I can take solace in that. So to recap:

  • Elias warns the Colonists that the Cylons were bringing a huge fleet to attack…a day before they show up.
  • Elias sends the Galactica into the future where they get enslaved to warn them about an enemy they already know about and won’t have to deal with for a few generations who won’t know about this trip anyway.
  • Elias sends Galactica into the past, during the Cylon invasion and destruction of the colonies so they can create a time paradox.
  • Elias is a cruel jackass.

That about covers it, so let’s see how they screw up the origin story for the whole darn series.

We don't know the woman in the corner, but we wouldn't recognize her anyway with this art.

Battlestar Galactica: Journey’s End #4


Maximum Press (November, 1996)

PLOT: Rob Liefeld
CO-PLOT/SCRIPT: Robert Napton
PENCILER: Ching Lau & Michael Chang
INKERS: Livesay, Sean Parsons, and Dan Fraga
COLORS: Quantum FX
LETTERER: Steve Dutro
EDITOR: Matt Hawkins
UPDATED CHARACTER/SHIP DESIGNS: Rob Liefeld & Karl Altstaetter

So here’s where we stand: the other Battlestars are still destroyed and the Cylons are launching their assault on Caprica. The crew of the time-displaced Galactica decide to intercede, and young Apollo decides to join them, while sending the not-dead Zac on a special mission.

Back on Galactica The Younger, Adama gets the idea of using the recall codes from the memory of the future Cylon to call the ships away from Caprica and the other colonies aren’t attacked at all. This doesn’t sit well with the Imperious Leader, now wearing some kind of cloak for…some reason…yelling at Baltar, who we never get a good look at. (I guess they can’t drawn him unless he has a ponytail and wearing his clothes tight enough to see the veins in his arms even though the sleeves appear to be metal. Also, I think he’s supposed to be sweating but he looks like he forgot to dry his hair when he got out of the shower this morning.

Back with the Battlestars, Apollo 2 Attack of the Clones convinces Adama to head for Earth when Zac returns still not dead and with a guest.

I wonder if that's their mother?

Interestingly, Zac doesn’t get that kind of welcome, even though this is the last Apollo Today saw of him:

Zac blewd up reel guud!

Next scene as a caption box tells us we’re on “the present day Galactica” (you know, the same one we were on LAST scene!) as Apollo and Ila have a reunion. Ila apologizes for not being there and Apollo reminds her that she was busy being dead although now none of this ever happens and she’s alive and Zac’s alive (not that anyone noticed) and now she wants to join him in the future. Yes, this run-on sentence is made of stupid. Apollo talks her out of it just long enough to get to the next few scenes. In the mean time, Baltar…

Nice sideburns.

…at least I THINK that’s Baltar…

Baltar does not approve.

…decides to send the Cylons after the now larger ragtag fleet. Back on Young Indiana Galactica, Apollo comes across Starbuck, the only character model besides Adama to fairly represent the actor. The writing is also vintage Starbuck.

There is more character in those three panels than in the entire series. You’ll note that Athena warns Apollo Returns that there’s a stowaway, but it’s not Starbuck. It’s Ila, who insists she HAS to join them. To not pollute the timeline? No, I’ll kill that theory soon enough. Galactica The Dark Knight will keep the Cylons away from the fleet long enough for them to escape. Apollo Episode 1, Starbuck the Early Years and Zac the Breathing decide they have to help their counterparts, but Zac is hit in a fight we never get to see and has to land on Galactica Beyond, which taking a major beating. Cain’s Viper is destroyed, the Battlestar is about to get wasted and suddenly Apollo is in a void talking to Elias. I’ll just post the full page and let you see what I’m about to rant about.

Ignoring the confusion that Cain is drawn right behind them, so many questions and I’m glad I’m writing this because I would really be out of breath by the time this is done:

  • Do Serina and Apollo still meet, since as I recall their first meeting was during the rescuing of survivors and this time Apollo was too busy helping his future counterpart?
  • If they don’t meet, what became of Boxey? He now isn’t a factor in Apollo’s life and won’t become a Warrior without that influence. Plus he won’t get Muffet 2 and for those of you who just cheered I’ve got a cheer for you straight out of the Bronx.
  • What are Apollo, Athena, and, Adama thinking now that Zac and Ila are not dead but in the future? I remember that had an impact on especially the kids actions in the pilot (I’m sure that was an influence on Athena telling Starbuck she couldn’t commit to a relationship leading Starbuck to meet someone else), plus there’s no grieving scene for Lorne Green now.
  • If there are now more people in the ragtag fleet does that mean there are more ships? Does that mean extra people who would become Warriors and maybe Boomer’s wife and Cassiopeia could survive?
  • For that matter, did Starbuck meet Cassiopeia? They met when they were talking to the survivors but I suppose that scene could still happen.
  • Did anybody notice how I hard I tried to do the sequel joke without going to the usual Breaking 2 gag?
  • If Galactica just replaced itself in the timeline, how does anybody remember what happened, and are the people who died in the events that now will never happen suddenly returned? The rest of the fleet is unaffected and allegedly grown, but I’m talking the people who were serving on the Galactica during the various Cylon attacks, Ares’ attempt to blow up the ship and damaging Dr. Wilker, and the attack by the Nomen which at least still happened to the Galactica crew as evidenced by the next question.
  • So where is Starbuck right now? If this is the same fleet, but the time-displaced Galactica, then Starbuck is still gone. That’s going to raise a few questions over on the now not-destroyed (or is it?) Rising Star. What was this important mission Elias is planning to send him on but still hasn’t? And no, that isn’t examined in the Starbuck miniseries. That was set during the TV series, not the Liefeld yahrens.
  • For that matter, how is Apollo going to explain to the rest of the fleet that they’re not headed to Earth even though they know darn well where it is? How do they know the rest of the 13th tribe isn’t on Earth? Nobody ever met Adam and Eve (who are now never going to be woken up) and all the talk about time travel is going to be met with white coats with long sleeves that buckle in the back.
  • And the big one: SO YOU JUST RENDERED THE ENTIRE SERIES POINTLESS? Oh, sure, now Starbuck in on some journey and Ila is important to the mission, two plot points that will never be resolved since this is the final issue, but otherwise none of this ever happened. So what was the point of going through this series if they just hit the magic reset button and just sent Starbuck someplace while bringing in Zac and Ila, two characters nobody was asking to have back? I don’t understand what the point of this was!

So yes, I wasted four weeks of blogging to go through a series that was ultimately meaningless. The suck is odorous and the end result is purging this series from my longboxes will be a happy thing. Once things are back to normal here at BW HQ (the Christmas decorations are still up and I’m settling into a new schedule plus updating a few things at the Spotlight) I’ll be getting in touch with Linkara to see if he wants these nightmares. I’ll create a digital copy for my archives because you never know when I may want to revisit these for an article but as far as regular reading I’ll be glad never to suffer through this again. There are better Battlestar Galactica comics out there and I’ll be looking at them in future articles.

However, we still have those two one-shots and the Starbuck mini to go. Liefeld’s Galactica editions of Scanning My Collection are not done yet. I think I’ll take a break from it for a while, though, and remind myself of some good comics.

By the way, does anybody know where I can find an embeddable clip of the “Fleeing the Cylon tyranny” speech from the end of every episode? I’ve wanted to use it on every final issue of the mini and have never been able to find it. I’d love to at least use it in the final Liefeld’s Galactica article.


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