Speed looks like he's tripping over something.

Speed Racer: Circle of Vengeance #2

Allegory Media (December, 2011)

WRITER: Tommy Yune
ARTIST: Robby Musso
COLORISTS: James Rochelle, John Rauch, & Lee Kohse
LETTERER: Jimmy Betancourt
EDITOR: Len Wein

The Great Alpine Race begins, and during the race the Car Acrobatic Team not only fight dirty but seem to have it out for Speed. However, the Mach-5’s breaks need replacing and Sparky and Trixie must hurry to save Speed. Meanwhile, in the flashback Pops is challenged by the guy who he stop from assaulting the waitress last issue to a race, but his gang has trashed the garage. To get the money they need to get a car ready for the race, Pops enters a wrestling event and does well, but he’s about to face Captain Terror!

What they got right: The flashback gives us a look at Pops’ early years and it’s quite interesting. The art serves the racing scenes well and the character/vehicle models are close to the original series while not being a direct copy.

What they got wrong: Apparently there’s another subplot about how Trixie can get a helicopter. In the old Now Comics version they just made her rich so why make it a mystery here? Just go the same route in this continuity and don’t have her keeping secrets. Also, the racing side of the story doesn’t really interest me. It feels like a retread of an actual episode and I’m more interested in the flashback. Finally,  a note to writers: do not make me want to yell/smack a kid unless you want us to not like him? Spridle torturing Sparky when he should be worried about Speed makes him a brat, not the comic relief he and Chim-Chim usually operate as.

Recommendation: While still better than the last Speed Racer mini-series I read, Chronicles of the Racer, I’m finding myself a bit uninterested. It’s still worth a read, but unless you’re a big Speed Racer fan this might not be for you.

Wouldn't that damage their cars, too?

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