You know, the Whitman BOTP #4 had actually action. This? More like a movie poster.

Battle of the Planets #4

Image Comics/Top Cow Productions

“LOOSE ENDS” part 1 of 2
WRITER: Munier Sharrieff
PENCILER: Wilson Tortosa
LETTERERS: Martin Barnes & Dennis Heisler
EDITOR: David Wohl

Zoltar has a farther-reaching plan and the Iron Terrapin was only phase one. We also learn he suffers from a split personality. Meanwhile, Anderson must watch Tomak rake G-Force over the coals during a psyche exam of the team before meeting with his secret associates Chronus and the former head of the ISO. Then he sends G-Force to investigate a series of mysterious deaths that may be tied to Spectra. At one of them, Princess and Tiny come across Spectra forces while Mark (teamed with Jason) finds himself looking at an explosion at close range.

What they got right: The “psych test” gives us a bit more of the characterization of G-Force. We learn more about Anderson’s allies (like who they are), who are also aware of the “source” in the basement, then we start up a mystery for the team. There’s a bit more depth to the characters than the cartoon.

What they got wrong: They redid Susan but still no 7-Zark-7. Also, the whole thing with the animal “scientist” in the Terrapin comes up again and we learn just what Keyop did and why he’s so distraught about it. It still feels unnecessary.

Recommendation: See, this is how you do an update. The guys working on Dynamite’s Voltron comic should read this and take notes.

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