Sadly this is the last time I can make fun of Angel Grove.

I know this was the big season, intended to be the end of the franchise (until ratings hit the roof), and finale of Zordon. However, I haven’t made fun of how much this kids got away with. The Dino Thunder teens never seemed to have any trouble realistically balancing their school and hero lives, while the original Power Rangers did it easily UNrealistically, what with all of the other extracurricular they were involved in. For Space, though the Rangers were gone for what had to be days at a time at least. More than any other team (except for Billy’s parents during Zeo), you had to wonder where they’re parents were? I mean, during Turbo they were shown to be high schoolers.

Hey, I think this is the fastest I’ve done a new Power Rangers parody.

There was no Clutter Report this week due to scheduling, but I did post the first episode of Video Game Clutter to Reviewers Unknown. Episode 2 is currently in the works.

So we’re done with Battle of the Planets, but I still haven’t been able to get any new comics, partly due to the aforementioned scheduling and partly because I finally had a paycheck, and a decent one and there were more important things to spend it on. Hopefully new comics start next week. This week will be another “Yesterday’s” theme–the first six issue of Marvel’s The Transformers. That’s going to take a very long time through, so I will break it up into parts, the first part being this week. I do want to get some new comics soon, and reviewing that will probably dominate the site for a while, so enjoy the articles while you can.

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  1. Jeremy Patterson says:

    Very funny!


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