original series no longer on Hulu as of this writing

When I first started the site, I wanted to do something different for the Saturday post from the rest of the week. The result was Saturday Night Galactica, where I would go through the entirety of the Battlestar Galactica franchise, from the original series through 1980 and finally my first actual viewing of the re-imagined namesake. Screencapping the episodes from Hulu turned out to be a royal pain and although it was a still a new blog other articles had more than 0 views while SNG didn’t. (In fact, if my stats went into negative numbers somehow I wouldn’t have been surprised.)

The result was to retool the idea, find videos I could post and comment on that I found enjoyable. The result was Saturday Night Theater, later changed to Saturday Night Showcase as I added downloadable web comic books (strips are for Internet Spotlight) and most recently audio dramas. When some of this started leaking into the weekday articles (partly so I had something to post when I didn’t have time for a big review or commentary) I tightened the focus to be stuff that inspires me as a writer, from childhood favorites to original online content. I only reviewed one or two episodes, encouraging BW readers to seek out the full series on their own.

As of late things have been difficult. Between working on comics, crazy work hours (the new employers will at least be giving me hours I can make a decent living from and something resembling advanced notice–and hopefully more day and less night shifts), and the video projects (of which I have a few other ideas), I’ve been having trouble finding time to locate things for Saturday Night Showcase. Additionally, the reason for the video projects, like the BW Video Reviews, is because some videos get taken down, even from legit sources when the licensing is up. I only recently posted a review of Exo Squad and the latest Hulu update says that it will be coming down soon. Other shows started on Joost and moved to Hulu, and the original Godzilla movies are gone again because of the recent Criterion releases.

These are the things I’ve been dealing with trying to put this series together every week, and I just can’t keep up with it any more. My DVR box is nearly full quite often, I have DVDs that have been around for years that I haven’t watched yet, and I want to get some serious cleaning done, plus the aforementioned comics and videos. To that end I’ve decided to at least temporarily suspend Saturday Night Showcase. On Sunday’s I don’t post a comic review, focusing instead on an article for The Clutter Reports. Well for the time being I want to focus on doing my retooled article for Reviewers Unknown on Saturday nights, moving the posting time to when I did SNS. If a video is done I could post that here in the Saturday night position (except for Video Game Clutter, which I want debuting on The Clutter Reports first, and I want to open a separate Blip account for TCR to do some other stuff on there) but at least for now I’m going to leave Saturdays blank until I have some more free time.

I still want to post old shows and radio dramas and stuff, but I will do so during the “free days” to give myself a bit more breathing room to accommodate whatever my work schedule happens to be that week, both the paying job and the (currently) nonpaying projects. At some point I want to return to Saturday postings, maybe a podcast or something unless I’m popping out a video a week, which seems unlikely for a side project that takes the most work of all my projects save for the clutter cleaning.

So I hope this OK with folks, because I just don’t have the time to give the Saturday Night Showcase the attention I feel it deserves. If you want a video, here’s a review of the “Godzilla Stomp!” game I was hoping to put into a Godzilla movie posting, which I would have done here if the embed code worked. (As it is, I wasted time I could have spent doing an SNS post watching a movie I couldn’t post, which I think was just the last straw for the trouble SNS gives me.)

I’m going to miss doing this, as I love promoting things I enjoy, one of the reasons for the site. However, it’s hard to enjoy what you force yourself to do.

About ShadowWing Tronix

A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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