"Look at me, I'm Superman!"

Transformers: Robots In Disguise #3

IDW Publishing (March, 2012)

WRITER: John Barber
ARTIST: Andrew Griffith
COLORIST: Josh Perez
ALTERNATE COVER (shown): Casey Coller (artist) & Joana LaFuente
EDITOR: Carlos Guzman

Mysterious explosions are boiling tensions again, this time for Silverbolt when one of his team, Barrel Roll, is killed off. Wheeljack tries to find the source while Starscream takes advantage to prove himself to the Autobots and unaligned. When Autobot and Decepticon work together again (after the “suicide” of Ratbat), Silverbolt and the Aerialbots take their leave.

What they got right: While I’m not happy with certain elements and personalities, Barber weaves them together into a believable story and a decent mystery.

What they got wrong: The aforementioned elements are really personal preference, but dang Arcee looks creepy as heck!

Recommendation: If you really have to read a Transformers comic and you’re not a sheep like me, this would seem to be the better title. Characters aren’t caricatures and it doesn’t have Whirl. Can’t ask for more than that, because you’re not getting what I look for in Transformers stories beyond that.

No one moment really stood out for me as being “Best Scene” nomination worthy.


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