Why they're never invited for barbecues.

Warehouse 13 #5


Dynamite Entertainment (2012)

WRITERS: Ben Raab & Deric A. Hughes
ARTIST: Gordon Purcell
COLORIST: James Babbo
LETTERER: Bill Tortolini
COVER: Ben Morse (photo cover also available)

Not falling for Adair’s ruse, Artie and Claudia head for the island to assist Pete and Myka. (The narration is in Pete’s voice discussing how the team became the family he lost when his father died.) Together the quartet find the lost cache and set everything right.

I’ve stated before my love of this show (which I really, really need to catch up on) and this comic has been a great companion to the show, from the writing to the arc. This issue is no exception, which is why I’m disappointed that Dynamite isn’t continuing this comic but we still get the butchering job they’re doing to The Phantom and Voltron, two properties I enjoy but not their version. This on the other hand is like the show in comic form. Dynamite Entertainment, if anyone from your powers-that-be come across this article, please make an ongoing of this, with the same people working on it. They make the show, they know how to make the comic. It’s worked for DC’s spin-off of the Young Justice cartoon and it totally works here.

Recommendation is obvious: pick this mini-series up and help push for an ongoing.

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