Remember when my comic reviews were done weekly? Remember this?

Yes, just another day in Gotham City. Hey, ever wonder how that turned out but you were foolish enough (or too broke, that’s possible, too) not to pick up a comic with this cover?

Well lucky for you the BW Media Spotlight needs an entry for the…

“Maxim” round 7

The Battlefield: Batman: The Brave & The Bold #10 (DC Comics; December, 2009) “Attack of the Colossal Bat-Monster!

The Promoters: Landry Walker (writer), Eric Jones (art), Heroic Age (colors), and Travis Lanham (letterer)

Do you care why Batman is a giant monster? Read the review or go find the back issue, and I highly recommend the latter. The question is who is going to reign in Batman while Green Arrow tracks down the cure?

Somewhere Chris Sims just wet himself.

Yes, Ryan Choi (NOT Ray Palmer) can use his dwarf star device to grow to Ultraman-size, but only for an hour, or else he explodes. Any of you have the guts to try that?

"Batman, you must do something about that breath."

Of course it turns to a battle with fisticuffs, because despite what I said two weeks ago (missed last week thanks to scheduling) fistfights are fun. To watch anyway.

"Grandma, what big fists you have." "The better to break your bones with, my dear."

Of course we all know how this fight is going to end.

I want to hear the traffic reporter explain this one.

Sure, GA finds a cure and just before the Atom is blown to atoms, but you’ll have to buy the comic to find out how.

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