I think Eggman misses the point of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Sonic Universe #38

Archie Comics (May, 2012)

“SCRAMBLED” part 2: “Family”
WRITER: Ian Flynn
PENCILER: Jamal Peppers
INKER: Jim Amash
COLORIST: Steve Downer
LETTERER: Jack Morelli
EDITOR: Paul Kaminski

Snively heads for Central City in hopes of recruiting Hope to rescuing Regina. Eggman launches an attack, even Legionizing G.U.N. soldiers. However, Hope sees through Snively’s facade and sends him packing while Omega battles Eggman’s forces.

What they got right: Snively’s ties to Hope is interesting. As the only family he has (Eggman is a computerized copy of his uncle from another dimension…comics, everybody!), Snively does seem to honestly care about Hope, but he’s still evil and Hope isn’t. It’s a relationship I wouldn’t mind seeing explored at some point. I also like the design on the “egg” arsenal, especially the Egg Camel, sort of what would happen if Eggman designed an AT-AT.

What they got wrong: It feels like the story was tossed in there to fit this title’s need for four issue arcs. Outside of Legionizing GUN troops and giving Hope more family drama issues, what did this serve?

Recommendation: As filler stories go, this is quite good and well recommended.

Eggman doesn't make friends easy.


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