Apparently a new reprint of an old story fits in with the “six month” rule. So while I have the colorized reprint of the second Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic sitting on my desk, let’s mine it for this week’s fight. Our homage this tourney from our boxing fan goes to Roberto Durán Samaniego, whose nickname could be translated into “stone fists” or “hands of stone”. I can kind of guess how the Prize Fight is going to go.

However, we have 12 rounds to get there and if I miss a round for ConnectiCon again this year like I did in 2010 I’m going to have to work a bit harder to get into the top card. Ninjas are a good way to go.

“Hands of Stone” round 1

The Battlefield: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #2, as colorized for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Color Classics #2 (Mirage Studios; 1984/IDW Publishing; June, 2012)

The Promoters: Kevin Eastman & Peter Laird (writers/artists/creators) and Tom Smith’s Scorpion Studios (colors)

Our heroes and their new friend, April O’Neil, are trapped in a building about to be eaten by robots supposedly designed to kill rats but now reprogrammed by a different kind of rat.

Leonardo never plays well with other people’s toys.

The plan is to blow up the tunnel and guy time for April and Donatello to shut them down. It didn’t hold for very long.

“Any time, guys.”

And so our heroes battle on…

Siskoid-approved splash page? Click for full-sized confirmation.

But they get closer…and closer…and closer…

“I guess it worked.”

And so everyone makes it to issue #3.

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Head over to and vote for this week’s Friday Night Fights. Vote for your favorite (forum membership only required to comment, but you can vote without it) and send our first contender into the Prize Fight. And why not grab your collection and try to become a contender yourself? We love competition here at the Friday Night Fights.


I’m officially adding “slime puppy” to my list of pseudo-curses.


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