Is there a quota on collecting jokes?

Simpsons Super Spectacular #15

Bongo Comics (2012)

LETTERER: Karen Bates
COVER ART: Hilary Barta & Nathan Kane
“Nerds of Prey”
WRITER: Ian Boothby
PENCILER: James Lloyd
INKER: Andrew Pepoy
COLORIST: Art Villanueva
EDITOR: Nathan Kane
“Sorcery Most Foul”
WRITER: Batton Lash
ARTIST: Frank Brunner
COLORIST: Nathan Hamill
EDITOR: Bill Morrison

The first story is a Bartman tale…or would be if he hadn’t been kidnapped. Lisa brings together some would-be heroines as the “Nerds of Prey” to rescue him. Bart might not like it but I wouldn’t mind seeing them return. Well, not the Black Canary stand-in.

Of course, I bought this for the Radioactive Man story, where RM attempts to rescue Plasmo, only to get himself and Gloria drawn into the same trap. It’s good, but not quite as good as it could be as a full series. (hint, hint)

Both stories are pretty good and at least worth a read.


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