Who was it revealed to? Because I didn’t see any secrets.

Superman #11

DC Comics (September, 2012)

FINISHERS: Jesus Merino, Vicente Cifuentes, & Rob Hunter
COLORS: Hi-Fi  & The Hories (sounds like a music group)
COVER: Jurgens & Rapmund with Hi-Fi
EDITORS: Matt Idelson & Eddie Berganza
“SUPERMAN” CREATORS: Jerry Siegel  & Joe Shuster

As Lois tricks Clark into a group date (Lois with John again, Clark with Lucy), the three reporters are called away when troubling news comes out of Russia. When Superman arrives he finds that the sub he rescued two episodes ago was carrying some kind of creature…which he’s about to meet personally!

What they got right: Fun moment with the dinner leading to Superman’s investigation. Lois gives Morgan a piece of her mind when he ends up at the same restaurant. This is how you make Superman relatable to the rest of us, so we can cheer him on when deals with the Russian troops and the creature later on.

What they got wrong: Please tell me Lois isn’t really trying to set Clark up with Lucy, because for reasons that should be obvious that’s just not right. Also tell me that this isn’t the New 52 version of Doomsday (this being Jurgens’ best chance to stick his creation in there, I wouldn’t be surprised).

Recommendation: We’re counting the issues until Lobdell takes over and I stop picking up this comic. So enjoy it while you can.

To make a little extra money, Superman assists Kool-Aid-Man’s for a brief time.

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