Science Fiction remakes. Some are good, and some are The Day The Earth Stood Still. There have been so many adaptations of  H.G. Wells’ The War Of The Worlds that it’s hard to keep track. (Personally, I prefer the George Pal version.) At ConnectiCon this year, panelist Kristen Benedict took a look at sci-fi remakes, focusing on Invasion of the Body SnatchersStar Trek, and a few others, going over what changes were made with the times, and which ones just failed miserably in any era.

[UPDATE:7/9/2022: Finally managed to post this somewhere thanks to a BitChute account. Sadly it doesn’t go full screen with the embed system used by my host at this time. Here’s the video on BitChute, since YouTube’s bots panicked at the Invasion Of The Body Snatchers franchise footage. Like every clip. So at least I get to bring it to you for the first time since Blip kicked me off and later died off. Coincidence? Yeah, probably if you know the history.]

Ms. Benedict doesn’t have a website to post to, but most of these are available in one form or another. This is also where I first heard about the Total Recall remake.

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  1. […] to relink one of my old videos that I haven’t been able to show since the Blip purge. “If It’s Not Borg, Don’t Fix it” is a BW Panelling episode from ConnectiCon 2012 WHOSE NAME I KEEP #$^%#$ TYPING […]


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