Buck Rogers has seen numerous media format since the newspaper strip first appeared. Radio dramas, movie serials, and a television series followed. Recently, Dynamite Entertainment put out a comic re-imaging that started good and then hit a wall. Hard. Over and over again. I think its because the writer wanted to fit all his stories into this, even when word came that the series was ending prematurely. Instead of going out on high note, it crashed badly. I mean, we’re about to see guys fighting a cyborg bear, and it doesn’t even feature the main cast.

Hands of Stone round 6

The Battlefield: Buck Rogers #3 (Dynamite Entertaiment; 2009)

The Promoters: Scott Beatty (writer), Carlos Rafael (artist), Carlos Lopez (colorist), and Simon Bowland (letterer)

So in the future, cyborg animals are given an area they’re allowed to hunt in. And by hunt I mean teleport people to a spaceship to be used as food some point later. However, nobody says human prey can’t fight back, right?

Some days you get the bear…

Since nobody here are Buck or Wilma, I’m curious to see how Spacebooger lists the winner. Because it’s not the bear, since those aren’t teleporting guns.

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