Cover to Ultraforce vol. 2, #1 (1995). Art by ...

Cover to Ultraforce vol. 2, #1 (1995). Art by Steven Butler. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As part of the New 52, DC merged the Wildstorm Universe with the DC Universe. The result has been…underwhelming. However, this isn’t the first failed integration. Going for detailed analysis, fellow Friday Night Fighter Snell of Slay Monstrobot of the Deep compares this integration with that of Marvel and Malibu’s “Ultraverse”, another failed fusion which some say was simply Marvel trying to grab their advanced coloring system. DC already messed up fusing the Red Circle/Impact Comics imprint and the glorious failure of bringing in the Milestone Universe (just for Static, which was in itself a big failure on DC’s part in the New 52), so what do they keep doing wrong?

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  1. Jeremy Patterson says:

    Archie is bringing Red Circle back with ‘New Crusaders: Rise of the Heroes’, coming August 22!



    • Yes, and some stories are already available via the Archie app I believe. However, DC had a bunch of Archie’s superheroes back when they had the “Impact” imprint and they tried to bring them is as “Red Circle” just before the New 52, failing at utilizing them.


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