The gang regretted bringing their hibachi. Who could probably talk.

The Muppets #2

Marvel/Disney Comics (October, 2012)

“The Four Seasons: Summer”
WRITER/ARTIST: Roger Langridge
COLORIST: Kawaii Creative Studio
LETTERER: Litomilano S.r.l. (what the who where?)
COVER ARTISTS: Elisabetta Melaranci & Gianluca Barone

The crew decides to do a special beach performance, but Fozzie gets the opportunity to work with the Whatnots…which doesn’t go as well as expected. Neither does the beach show when a sudden snowstorm hits.

Skits include: Wayne & Wanda, Gonzo The Great, Veterinarian’s Hospital, a song by Kermit, Muppet Labs, Pigs In Space, and a dancing bear act.

What they got right: The Whatnots are doppelgangers for the usual Muppet crew, but the name actually comes from a series of “blank” Muppets that Muppeteers use for random characters. (For Sesame Street they’re referred to as Anything Muppets.) They also make a line of customized Whatnots for the general public, sold at FAO Schwartz and very expensive.

What they got wrong: Musical numbers still don’t work in comic form, and there were three here.

Recommendation: It’s too bad internal politics at Marvel led to Roger leaving. It’s a great comic and worth picking up.

Any scene with these three like this are my favorites.

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