Pick your poison, people.

Yeah, this is an argument right now in the Channel Awesome forums. Apparently some fans are tired of all the crossovers, despite the fact that if he didn’t have them doing the bulk of the review he wouldn’t have time to edit the Fourth Anniversary movie. Perhaps he shouldn’t do public appearances at cons? He should stop doing the movie and focusing on the reviews? Or he should stop doing the reviews until the movie is done? What do guys want from a one or two man operation? (At least on the video end.)

Personally, I like seeing him interact with reviewers he usually doesn’t. They’re bringing in reviews he might not have otherwise done. I would have been surprised if he reviewed Heavy Metal by himself, but teaming with Diamanda Hagan? Perfectly believable and she added to the review. The Wiz? Seems more likely with Todd In The Shadows. Sure, I’d like to see him back to format, but I’ll take this temp change over nothing at all.

  • Reviewers Unknown: Since the Clutter Report this week was a time off announcement for ComiCONN, I used one of the reviews I did there over at RU. It’s a look at the Pokédex toy and the other E-Dexs in my collection adding a few nods to a fellow fan of one of the movies they were based on.

Best Scene of This Week’s Reviews

Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #7

Misfire; probably the most aptly named Transformer ever!

Another convention next weekend, so we’ll see what happens around here. There should be one more convention after that and then things can get back to normal.


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